How to Create a Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy for 2023?

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The need for a digital marketing strategy to guide the way a campaign is run is often understated. People tend to think of strategic planning in digital marketing as being too static in a field defined by its dynamism.

In reality, marketing as a field is always in need of some form of direction. There are examples of many disastrous campaigns over the years that failed because they lacked a central working strategy or plan.

Why is a strategy so important?

Imagine you want to learn digital marketing. You find one of the best digital marketing institutes in your locality and join the course it is offering. The very first class you attend is on advanced PPC analysis.

Wouldn’t you be puzzled? Does the trainer not know that it is your first class? If not, why is the institute not competent enough to explain the same to the trainer? If yes, why is there no focus on the side of the institute to layout an organized study plan for beginners?

The institute in this is the case that has no strategy on how it plans to teach you and other new students it is admitting. The simple act of making an orderly curriculum and study pattern is making a strategy.

A digital marketing campaign also similarly needs a strategic approach. In this article, we go over some points that can help build a coherent and holistic digital marketing strategy.

Understand Audience Intent

Every brand has a target audience, and every segment of that audience is likely to have a different intent. Some people find the brand through organic search engine discovery, others through social media.

In each of these cases, brands must identify the intent of the people discovering the brand. While people who find the brand on social media may have been attracted by the quality of the content posted, others coming through search engines may have a pressing need.

Understanding the intent of different segments of the audience is the first step in building a good digital marketing strategy.

Create Solutions through Content According to the Intent

Once the intent of different segments of the audience is known, the next obvious step is giving people content, tailored according to their intent, which helps build trust and connection with the brand.

The problem marketers tend to face is not being able to engage customers despite knowing their intent. This is because the content they create does not match the intent of an average prospect.

By having the right content matching with the right intent, marketers can give their campaign a better strategic outlook.

In Conclusion

In this article, we discussed ways a holistic digital marketing strategy can be made for 2023. Marketers who working in campaigns and coming up with a strategy should consider the points made in this article carefully.

About the Author – Gaurav heera is a digital marketing executive and trainer with over a decade of experience in the industry. He currently works at Gaurav Heera Academy, an institute known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.

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