Early Pregnancy Dos And Don’ts

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Congratulations, you’re expecting! Before you start being a parent, take a moment to be happy and thankful for this gift.

You need to start working right away as a new parent. These tips will help you have a healthy and happy first trimester, but you can’t be sure of every problem.

The DO’S

Food Is Like Power

You’re not eating for two, despite what the old saying says. You won’t need to eat twice as much now because you will need more calories and nutrients later on.

Focus on the quality of your food instead of how much you eat. Eat healthy foods to keep your body going. Pick healthy food if you can, and eat food that comes from nearby if you can. This keeps toxins from getting to you.

Keep Your Eye On Folate

While you are pregnant, you should take 600 micrograms of folic acid every day. Start taking folic acid pills right away if you weren’t already before you got pregnant.

This helps stop spina bifida and anencephaly, two common and dangerous birth defects. Some groups say that all women between the ages of 15 and 45 should take 400 micrograms of folic acid every day, not just pregnant women.

Once you know for sure that you are pregnant, your doctor will probably tell you to take a prenatal vitamin. The amount of folic acid in these vitamins is meant to meet the guidelines.

Do Visit The Dentist

Pregnant women can get dental X-rays and cleanings without any problems. According to Oregon people, OB/GYNs should check a woman’s full dentures gresham or during her first prenatal visit and encourage her to go to the dentist while she is pregnant.

 The changes that happen during pregnancy can also affect the gums and teeth. As early as possible, a dentist visit can help find any problems that might need fixing.

Drink Enough Water

Staying hydrated can help cut down on early labor. It also keeps you from getting headaches, kidney stones, and dizziness. If you already have problems with hemorrhoids and constipation, drinking enough water can help.

Do Check To See If Your Medicines Are Safe

You may not be able to take the bottle of aspirin that you’ve been using to treat headaches while you’re pregnant. Minnesota check this list of medicines their dentist coon rapids mn suggested so that are usually safe to take while pregnant.

Avoid the things that make your allergies worse if you can. This will help you avoid having to take medicine. Before starting any new herbs, supplements, or medicines, you should always talk to your doctor.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Do you feel tired all the time during your first three months of pregnancy? It would be helpful if your partner could help you out more by doing a few extra things around the house.

You have people who can help you; use them. Get help from a friend or family member. Take care of yourself by getting enough rest. It’s good for your health and the health of your growing baby. You will have more time to rest if you get more help or have fewer things to do.


Don’t Smoke

Stop smoking right now if you smoke. Quitting will improve your health and keep your baby’s health safe. Talk to your service provider right now about your options for quitting.

The CDC says there are risks to smoking while pregnant. If you smoke while you are pregnant, you are more likely to have an abortion. Babies whose mothers smoked while they were pregnant are more likely to have birth deformities, be born early, be underweight, or even die.

Don’t Overeat

Fifty percent of pregnant women gain too much weight, according to studies. Such a baby has a higher chance of becoming overweight as an adult. Although doctors aren’t sure if you need extra energy in the first trimester, you will in the second and third trimesters. Stop eating when you’re full.

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